CIM Users Group
2016 Meeting - Europe

CIM Users Group – European Meeting 2016

1-3 June, 2016 – Amsterdam, Netherlands


Using CIM to Create and Support the Data-Driven Utility

Utilities are now collecting and storing vast amounts of data regarding their operational systems with the goal of using that data to improve reliability, service metrics, customer satisfaction and asset utilization. Many existing legacy systems are isolated and fragmented lacking a unified approach to data management and resulting in barriers to interoperability and integration. Many utilities are adapting a data-driven architecture for enterprise integration based on the IEC CIM standards as the means by they can turn this data into information that can be more easily used improve the utility enterprise’s performance.









What is CIM?

The CIM Users Group (CIMug) was formed in 2005, as a subgroup of the UCA International Users Group, to provide a forum in which users, consultants, and suppliers could cooperate and leverage the IEC CIM international standards to advance interoperability across the utility enterprise.  The primary purpose is to share technology basics, best practices and technical resources while Advancing Interoperability for the Utility Enterprise.


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What is the CIM and why is it needed?

The Common Information Model (CIM) is an abstract information model that provides data understanding through the identification of the relationships and associations of the data within a utility enterprise. This enhanced data understanding supports the exchange of data models and messages and increases the ability to integrate applications both within the enterprise and with trading partners. These trends go beyond exchange or updates of network models to the exchange of specific dynamic data within transactional messages in a real-time environment.

The CIM companion standards provide extensions and specifications that, when used in conjunction with the CIM models, provide a framework for the exchange of static models, transactional messages and full enterprise integration.

Focus on Standards

The CIM Users Group is focused on helping its members obtain the benefits of adapting IEC TC57 modeling standards for all utility operations on a global basis.

Our Mission

The CIM Users Group is dedicated to managing and communicating issues concerning the TC57 IEC 61970 and 61968 standards and to serving as the primary means for developing consensus and consistency across the industry.


Thank You

Our Thanks for your participation in the 2016 European CIMug Meeting.

The success of CIM is due to your hard work and dedication.

We are looking forward to the next meeting: Details Here...

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